Hi, my name is Cape, and I'm...

Experience. Escapism. Exploration. These three words carry as much delusion as a Kilgore
Trout novel, potency as Maya Angelou’s bird cage, and subversion as Dr Manhattan’s big
blue penis in conveying why we cherish art. The experience of one artist who wanted to
escape the mundanities of life through the exploration of imagination allows their reader to
do much the same. Since the first words we ever read, we’ve been sculpted as writers. We are
authentically us because they – the artists – were authentically them. Their subjective reality
disproves the mass subscription to an objective one, as every word written, and subsequently
read, is a unique portal to be leapt into like a flaccid-tongued pup jumping through the spray
of a fountain.

Our magazine is about discovering your voice (yes, you, reading this, house hunting for the
poem that makes your tutors’ mouth pucker like a cat’s asshole, that glorious monstrosity of
genre, style, and form or, that visual piece that portals us to uncharted planes) and
showcasing it to our readers. You don’t need to be acquainted with what we’ve published
beforehand to submit (though we are propagators for reading as vastly as you can), you don’t
need to state what genre it is, and you certainly don’t need to alter what makes your writing
your writing to be featured. We simply want to read words that have been curated with
passion and poise, whether poem or prose, and see the art and photography that’s too good to
be flushed down the whirlpool of social media.

There will be themes because we are always inspired. But you can smelt that theme down and
cast it anew with your own escutcheon. We should always be aware that we are all of our
We detest being censored for what we feel, and so we will never turn a piece down for being too graphic or too authentic. We (Briony and Aaron) thank you for your support of our little magazine. We (the royal We) must support the art that moves us, breaks us, saves us, and heals our broken planet.